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    Agriculture Operations Task Ontology
    Generic task core ontology
    to describe agriculture field
    operations knowledge.
    ― Development Team
    Describing agent participation, task compososition and decomposition, task workflow,
    temporal relations, pre and post conditions, external event interference and
    other knowlwdge associated to agriculture field operations.

Ontology Standards

Modelled with OntoUML and based on Unified Fundation Ontology (UFO), AGROPTO use all major ontology standars to build a well formed em concise knowledge representation. The implementation is on the OWL format.

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Optimized for the Agriculture Domain

AGROPTO was developed to describe the knowledge associated with agriculture field operations. It incledes task composition and decomposition, external evetnts interference, pre and post conditions and more...

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Designed to Reuse

AGROGPTO is a core ontology that describe main entities, attributes and relations that are necessary to task execution. It is independent of a domain ontology and could resused accros other task or domain ontologies.

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An ontology for Agriculture Field Operations.

Open source & community maintained.

Agent and Agent Participation

The Agent, i.e. who perform the task as well as the agent participation on atomic and complex tasks could be described in detail.

Task and Activity

Tasks and Activities are described on the structural and behaviour aspects as well as task composition and decomposition.

Pre and Post Conditions

To be triggued, the task execution must satisfy a set of pre conditions and create post conditions that will trigguer the next task on the workflow.

Task Resources

To perform the task the Agent will interact with resources that could be created, terminated, modified or used on the task. The resources could be land, raw material, machinery or products (inputs and outputs) of the task.

External Event Interference

Agriculture field operations are hardlly coupled to weather and resource conditions. External task interference and its effects on the task execution can be represented with AGROPTO.

Time and Time Relations

Task, agent and resource participation as well as external event interference can be associate to a time point or a time relation Complex time relations accordind Allen's are provided on AGROPTO.

Project Conceptual Model

Ontology conceptual model based on UFO
and developed with OntoUML/E-OntoUML
could be downnload on the download section.